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Whether you are wanting to refine your skills to be confident heading in to your next course or you just want to improve your diving a skills workshop is a quick and easy way to help achieve your goals. We offer full day workshops spanning key concepts in diving to help you improve your skills and set a path for continued progression.

Our workshops encompass a day of training which include: a pre-dive mini lecture, relevant land based exercises and two in water sessions. The workshops can be completed as private sessions at a one to one basis or in a small group with a maximum of 4 participants.


What is covered...

  • Trim & Buoyancy
  • Fin Kicks (Flutter, Frog, Helicopter turn, Back Kick)
  • Techniques for mastering buoyancy while task loaded
  • SMB deployment
  • Ascents

Safety Drills

What is covered...

  • Situational Awareness while task loaded
  • Out of gas procedures
  • Out of gas ascents
  • SMB deployment
  • Managing ascents while task loaded


What is covered...

  • Types of suits and characteristics
  • Care & maintenance
  • Buoyancy management
  • Ascents
  • Managing drysuit problems


What is covered...

  • Setup and hose routing
  • Introduction to basic failures
  • Buoyancy & Trim
  • Valve drills

Basics of underwater photography

What is covered...

  • Underwater camera systems
  • ISO, Shutter speed, Aperature
  • Composition
  • Underwater shooting
  • Buoyancy & Managing the camera while diving
  • Post processing basics

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